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Image by Benjamin Sow

Our story

At White Elephant Asian Kitchen, we will served the highest quality of freshest herbs and spices when available from all part of Southeast  Asia (Thai, Lao and Vietnamese) and incorporated into our recipes and bring it from our heart to the table so that everyone can enjoy this amazing flavored.


Our love and passion for food had led us on many unexpected journeys, which have led us into opening our first restaurant. Our food is simple, clean, delicious and homie from all parts of Southeast Asian and everyone can enjoy it. Our chef have work for a Asian restaurants in San Diego for more than 20 years she will bring her skill an incorporate the spices and flavors from Thai, Vietnamese and Lao to our restaurant.


We name our restaurant White Elephant Asian Kitchen because in Asia it a sacred animal that protect the country. It is a very humble, gentle and very strong animal.  You have to dig deep inside of the elephant to know it very well to see it personality which we think is related to us. 


So, we invite you and your family to come and enjoy all the different flavors from Asia that we have to offer.

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